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Capital Letters

IMG_1685Over the past few weeks, we have been talking about capital letters.  To begin with, we worked on discriminating between capital and lowercase letters.  Then we practiced writing our names using only a capital for the first letter.  Another focus was on the word I.  We have had this word on our word wall and we practiced using it in sentences.  Finally, we worked on using a capital letter to begin a sentence.  As your child is writing, remind them of these capitalization rules.  The goal is that your child would not only know these capitalization rules, but that they use them in their daily writing.



In writing, we have been working on ending punctuation marks.  Your child should be able to identify a period, question mark, and an exclamation point.  They should also know what type of sentence gets the different punctuation marks (telling sentence, asking sentence, sentence that shows feeling).  Everyone is doing a good job on this skill in isolation, but we are having trouble using it in our journals, etc.  As you are working on your reading response journals in the coming weeks, remind your child to use the appropriate punctuation marks in their writing.  You can also look for these in the books they are reading!

Punctuation Super Heros!

How To Carve A Pumpkin

WOW!  What a fun day we had doing our first on-demand writing piece!  First off I want to thank Joy Clevenger, Kevin Lanter, Joe Orlando, and Joy Zhang for coming in and getting their hands dirty.  The kids absoluetly LOVED getting to help carve all those pumpkins!!!

After we carved these beauties, we worked together to create a big brochure.  In the brochure, they wrote directions for making a jack-o-lantern and drew ideas on different faces to carve.  We will write other “how-to” pieces later this year.


Over the past couple of weeks, we have focused on capitalization during writing workshop.  We have talked about using a capital at the beginning of a sentence, first letter of names, the word I, days of the week, months of the year, parts of letters, and in certain abbreviations.  As your child writes in their reading response journal each week, remind them of these rules and hold them accountable for not using capital letters all throughout their writing.

Publishing Party

Thanks to Helm Publishing Press (aka Ms. Helm) our kiddos “published” their first book!  They are in their folders today 🙂  I am so proud of their work on these awesome nonfiction books!  We even got to share them with the kids in Ms. Geldhof’s class.  Can’t wait to see the writing we are doing by the end of the year!!!