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We are beginning our regular homework routine today!  Your child will be bringing home a homework bag each week.homeworkLiteracy Homework Checklisthomework3This is just a quick reference sheet for you to keep in the homework bag.  It tells what you should do each week and what needs to be returned.  This week there is also a parent homework information packet that thoroughly explains everything.  This can be kept at home.

Reading A-Z Bookhomework2This is your child’s independent reading book.  They should read the book nightly and complete the attached comprehension sheet to return on Friday.  The book can be kept at home for future reading- see more information on this in the parent info packet.

Fast Start Poem or Fluency and Comprehension Passage

Fast Start Poem

Fast Start Poem

Fluency and Comprehension Passage

Fluency and Comprehension Passage

Your child will receive ONE of these activities not both.  The activity pages are due back on Friday.  Read the parent info packet for further explanation.

Fluency Cardhomework5This is the letter naming fluency card.  Your child should practice identifying the letters on this card and they will be timed on Friday on a similar card.  When your child reaches a rate of naming 55 letters in one minute, they will move on to letter sound fluency!

Sight Word Cards- These have been ordered from printing, but have not come in yet.  Therefore you will not get these this week!  I am hoping they will be in any day now.  As soon as they come in, I will add them to their homework bags.

Math Homework- This is assigned by your child’s math teacher and will also need to be returned on Friday.

Please keep your homework bag at home all week and return only the “RETURN ON FRIDAY” items in the bag on Friday!  Thanks so much and hope this helps explain everything you see at home tonight!  Happy Homeworking!


Book Bags

We are still reading take-home book bags with everyone this week, but you won’t get the bag back home.  I am going to keep them over the break and update some of them. If you are child is a Thursday or Friday reader, you can go ahead and send your bag back tomorrow or Wednesday.  You will get them back when we return from winter break!

Feedback Please


The fun has begun!  I hope everything is going well so far.  I wanted to remind everyone about a few things…

Reading response journals are due on Friday.  Remember your child should have writing AND a picture in their journal for each entry!  We did an example together yesterday, so they should know what I expect 🙂  Here is a good example of the quality of work I am looking for:

Your child should also be reading the books from their take-home book bag throughout the week.  They do not have to read every book every night, but it is good for them to reread their books to work on fluency.  Have them work on reading smoothly and with expression.  Another component is comprehension, your child should be able to retell these books with great detail.  After reading the book, have them retell the story to you or write a reading response about it.  The tag on the front tells you what day your child should bring their bag back to school.  If your child has sight word cards in their book bag, please return those on the same day!

We will start reading their take-home books with them tomorrow.  We might not exchange all of their books this week since they have only had them a couple of days.  Thanks for working with your child at home to help them become the best reader they can be!!!