Monthly Archives: June 2014

Closing A Chapter

Wow! What a ride it has been! I want to express to every one of you how truly thankful I am that I have had the privilege of being your child’s teacher. Teaching has been more than a job to me. These kids are still my babies even though I now have my own. I have been a teacher for the past nine years and today marks the end of that chapter in my life for a little while. The new adventure ahead is both scary and exciting, but I will carry the memories that I have made with this special class with me. Each and every day I was greeted with smiles, stories, and silliness from 23 precious children. As I stood at my door this morning, I had tears in my eyes thinking that this will be my last time, at least for a while, welcoming kids into my classroom.

I know you all are also closing a chapter today. Your baby finished kindergarten! They are the little kid at school no longer. They have all grown so much this year in so many different ways. Be proud and celebrate their accomplishments. Enjoy the precious moments you have with them this summer because in a few short weeks they will be first graders! How did the time go so quickly???

Yes it is the end of a chapter, but it is also the beginning of a new one. They will blossom and grow so much next year! I know they are going to be in great hands!!!  Many of you all have been stuck with me for three plus years 😉 Thanks for putting up with me and some of my crazy ideas! Thanks for all the support, love, and friendship each one of you has offered me. It has meant so much to me.  VPE is a wonderful place and I am grateful to have played a little part in its legacy.

It’s been great! Here’s to new beginnings…