Monthly Archives: March 2014


The local non-profit organization, founded by two Lexington kids, Josh and Jacob Griffin are on a mission to collect 25,000 pairs of shoes for the global non-profit Soles4Souls. Soles4Souls distributes new and used shoes to developing nations and disaster stricken areas all around the world in an effort to help break the cycle of poverty. Veterans Park will be hosting the collection efforts here and ask that you clean out your closets and bring in all of your used and no longer worn shoes any day until March 28, any size, any kind and in any condition. There is a yellow box with shoe prints on it located outside Mrs. Fox’s office where you can deposit your shoes each day. There are 300 million children worldwide who live without shoes, so together we can help to make a big difference.


I’m Back!


Hope this finds everyone well! I have had a wonderful maternity leave with my little man, but I am excited to see my school littles tomorrow 🙂 I want to say a big thanks to Ms. Duncan for doing a great job while I was gone. I know the kiddos loved getting to know her. I also want to say a HUGE thanks to Ms. Helm! She is the unsung hero of our class!!! She keeps everything organized and in working order. I couldn’t do what I do everyday without her and I certainly couldn’t have asked for anyone better to help keep things smooth while I was out. Next time you see her, make sure you give her a big thanks!!!

It is going to be a fun week! Tomorrow we have Irish dancers performing and on Tuesday COSI! I am going to be spending the week assessing all the kiddos to see where we are at and what we have left to work on this year. Can’t wait to be amazed with all their progress! I will be scheduling conferences soon 🙂 See everyone bright and early in the morning!

Don’t forget to cheer on the CATS this afternoon- C-A-T-S, CATS, CATS, CATS!