Monthly Archives: November 2013

Fall Party

Don’t forget our fall party is on Friday at 1:25!  Feel free to come join in the fun 🙂  Don’t forget to bring your food item…

Food List by last name:

A-H: Sweets

I – O:   Fruits and Veggies

P – Z: Salty/ Savory


Next Week

  1. We have a no homework night on Tuesday night for family dinner!  I let the kids vote for one thing to take out of their homework bags.  They voted for fluency cards.  So you won’t see those next week.
  2. The book fair will be going on until Thursday.  Our class will visit it during library on Monday.  If you want to send in money for them to buy something, Monday would be a great day to do it!
  3. Thanksgiving lunch is on Thursday from 10:50-11:05.
  4. Don’t forget to send in toys for the toy drive!  Four friends have already donated!  THANKS!!!
  5. If you want to be a guest reader in January or February on a Friday morning at 7:55, let me know!  I am making the schedule next week 🙂

Toy Drive

Our November spirit project is the Firefighters’ Toy Program.  Students are asked to bring a NEW toy to donate to the toy program, which will benefit local children during the month of November.  Each class will walk to the fire station on Saron Drive late in the month and students will have the opportunity to present their toys to the firefighters!  This is the fourth year of participation for VPE. Students may bring in their toys beginning November 11th.  Toys will be kept in the classrooms until we walk to the fire station! No stuffed animals please.



Rhyming is a fun skill to work on anywhere!  You can play rhyming games in the car or at the grocery or just on a walk.  We learned about how when words rhyme they sound the same at the end.  There are two skills your child should master with rhyming.  The first is to be able to recognize if words rhyme.  So if you say, “Do hat and cat rhyme?” or “Do cat and dog rhyme?”  Your child should be able to answer that question correctly.  The other part of rhyming that they should be able to do independently is producing rhyming words.  For example, “Tell me some words that rhyme with log.”  They should be able to respond with, “frog, dog, jog”.  Here are some great and fun rhyming games they can play on the computer at home:  Happy Rhyming!!!

Types of Texts

We are moving right along in literacy!  I can hardly keep you up to date on all that we are learning.  We finished our unit on different types of texts.  Your child should be able to identify texts that are fiction, nonfiction, or poetry.  We started our unit by telling whether things were real or make-believe.  Here are some of our ideas:

As you are reading with your child, have them tell you whether the book is fiction or nonfiction.  Encourage them to use this terminology instead of real, fake, make-believe, etc.

We also learned that nonfiction tells us information or facts.  Here are some facts we learned about insects:


Finally, we learned about poetry and how it is different from other texts that we read.  We even wrote our own poems about bugs!

We loved learning about insects and different types of texts!