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Fun Run

DSC_0857We had a great time at the fun run today!!!  Thanks to all the parents who came out to support our kiddos.  Also, thanks so much for helping raise so much money to help VPE!


Random Reminders

  1. The Fun Run is tomorrow at 10:00!  Make sure your child wears their Boosterthon t-shirt and tennis shoes!!!!
  2. VPE will be celebrating Grandparent’s Day on September 9th during our lunch at 11:05.  Hope lots of those grandparents can join us!
  3. If you are on Facebook, you should like the VPE page.  Lots of good updates and reminders about all things VPE.
  4. Everyone is doing a great job bringing their snack each day.  If anyone would like to send in some individually wrapped snacks to refill our “pot luck” bin for those days when one of our friends forgets, I would greatly appreciate it!



Last week, we did many activities with our names. We made up silly songs using the initial sounds from our names. We counted the letters in our name and made a graph. We also made Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees using the letters in our names. We buddied up and compared the letters in our names using venn diagrams. Our class also worked on reading friends names by playing name bingo. “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?” with our name cookies was another favorite. We even made it into a class book which will start coming home with friends in a few days. We are loving getting to know one another and learn more about all the friends in our classroom family!

Week In Review

We have finished our first week!  I bet the kids are tired.  I know I am- haha!!!  We have had so much fun and learning already.  We have talked a lot about rules and procedures.  We read David Goes to School by David Shannon and discussed good and bad choices.  I am seeing LOTS of good choices being made at school!  Hand raising, quiet in the halls, trying their best- amazing for their first three days in school!  I am one proud teacher!  We will continue to work on classroom routines and building community in our classroom family over the next few weeks.

We have also been doing many activities to learn all about each other.  It is so fun to learn new things about each child every day!  They never stop amazing me (or making me laugh).  I am very thankful to be a part of their lives!  Speaking of learning new things about each other, I shared some news with the kiddos today about me 🙂  My husband and I are expecting a baby boy in December.  We are very excited to be parents!  I already have a fabulous sub to be with the class while I’m on maternity leave later in the year.  It will be a very smooth transition and I will be looking forward to coming back to finish the year with our class!

Just a few random notes…

  • Your child is more than welcome to bring a water bottle with them each day to keep out on their table.  Just make sure it has a lid that they can close to keep the spills down.
  • For snack, make sure your child knows which item is their snack and what is part of their lunch 🙂  We have had a little confusion a couple of times.  Also, I would rather just stick to water bottles as drinks in the classroom- juice boxes seem to be a little messy and can cause sticky messes on the carpet.
  • Make sure your kiddo wears tennis shoes on gym days and flip-flops are not allowed at school.
  • Great job sending back take home folders!
  • Your child should have gotten a copy of their cafeteria number and a practice pad.  Please practice this with your child- especially if they buy their lunch on a regular basis.

Have a great weekend and I will see everyone bright and early Monday morning!

First Day Fun

We had a great first day on Wednesday!  We had all kinds of fun with Pete the Cat!  We read Pete the Cat Rocking In His School Shoes and listened to his song.  We followed Pete around the school and saw all kinds of new places- the library, the principals office, the gym, the art room, the office, and the music room!  Here are some pictures from our tour…


We all had so much fun!  I am so enjoying getting to know all these new personalities!  We have such a sweet class.  I can already tell we are going to have a great year!  Let the fun begin!!!!

First Day Class Pic