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This little ballerina was definitely the star of the show for our class! They were so excited when she came out on the stage. Way to go Sami!



January Book Club

I think our first book club was a hit today!¬† We had lots of fun talking about the book and making up some silly songs like Junie B. ūüôā¬† If your child didn’t particpate this time, they are more than welcome to jump in for our January meeting!

Mercy Watson to the Rescue

Our book for January will be Mercy Watson to the Rescue by Kate DiCamillo.¬† We will meet on January 28th.¬† Your child can read the book independently or you can read it together!¬† This is the first book in the Mercy Watson series- I‚Äôm hoping this one will get them hooked!¬† Parents are more than welcome to join us for ‚Äúbook club‚ÄĚ if you wish!

The book is available at the Lexington Public Library (they even have the book on cd), Barnes and Noble, or you can order it on for $5.99.  HAPPY READING!!!

Book Bags

We are still reading take-home book bags with everyone this week, but you won’t get the bag back home.¬† I am going to keep them over the break and update some of them. If you are¬†child is a¬†Thursday or Friday reader, you can go ahead and send your bag back tomorrow or Wednesday.¬†¬†You will get them back when we return from winter break!

Volunteers Needed

I would like to do four fun review centers on Wednesday, December 19th.  If you would be interested in running a center for an hour, I would be very appreciative!  It would just be a small group and then we will rotate every 30 minutes.  I need two volunteers from 9-10 and then three people from 11-12.  Let me know if you would like to join in the fun!

Holidays Around the World

We are began our HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD unit on Monday, December 3rd. All 10 Lower Primary homerooms will be participating in this special project. Each teacher has selected a country and will present the holiday traditions to each Lower Primary class. Your child has made a passport to use while traveling around the world.  At each stop, they will receive a stamp to represent their visit in that country and will be bringing home a research notebook from their journey.  Be sure to ask your child where he/she visited each day!  Hopefully, this unit of study will allow the children to understand how the holidays are celebrated in countries other than our own.  Happy Holidays!

Silent E and Vowel Teams

During our word study time, we are moving right along.¬† We have been working on reading and¬†spelling words with¬†long vowel patterns.¬† First, we studied the silent e rule.¬† You might have seen our “Silent E Ninja” headbands!¬† Here is a link to the silent e ninja song-¬† The kids (especially our boys) loved learning this song and playing our silent e ninja game!


We have also been working on the following vowel teams-¬†“ai”, “ay”, “ee”, “ea”, and “oa”.¬† These all follow that old rule, “When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking.”¬† As your child¬†is writing in their reading response journal, remind them of these phonics patterns.¬† You can prompt them with things like this… “How do we make that word have a long vowel?”¬† “What vowel is missing?”¬† “What silent letter could we put in there to make¬†the vowel say it’s name?”¬† We want to encourage them to use their inventive spelling and write on their own, but we also need to hold them accountable for spelling patterns and sight words they have been taught.