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In writing, we have been working on ending punctuation marks.  Your child should be able to identify a period, question mark, and an exclamation point.  They should also know what type of sentence gets the different punctuation marks (telling sentence, asking sentence, sentence that shows feeling).  Everyone is doing a good job on this skill in isolation, but we are having trouble using it in our journals, etc.  As you are working on your reading response journals in the coming weeks, remind your child to use the appropriate punctuation marks in their writing.  You can also look for these in the books they are reading!

Punctuation Super Heros!



In the theme of today and the season, I wanted to just share some of the many things I am thankful for…

  • The 23 kids that I get to share my days with!
  • The amazing families who raise and support these little ones.
  • All the smiles and laughs that brighten my day 🙂
  • All my classroom volunteers who are so dedicated and willing to do whatever is needed.
  • Our homeroom moms who do all the behind the scenes organizing for all the “extra” stuff!
  • The enthusiasm our class has for learning and how they dive right into everything we do!
  • Families who are so supportive and loving to me and every student in our class.
  • Ms. Helm for constantly helping the kiddos (and me) all day long!
  • That you all stick with me when we I want to try new things- even if it takes extra work on your part!
  • How hard these kids work for 7 hours a day!
  • Hearing these kiddos read a book on their own that they never thought they would be able to.
  • That we work together as a team to help make these little people into life long learners.

I am truly grateful for each of you and your precious children!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Book Club

We are starting a class book club!  It is totally optional, but it should be really fun.  Our first meeting will be right after school on Monday, December 17.  We will meet in my room and “discuss” the book, do an activity, have a snack, and take a reading counts test.  The first book will be Junie B., First Grader Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! by Barbra Parks.  Your child can read the book independently or you can read it together!  Parents are more than welcome to join us for “book club” if you wish or you can just pick your kiddo up in the front bus loop at 3:15.  I will send a permission slip to allow them to stay after school a little closer to the date.

The book is available at the Lexington Public Library, Barnes and Noble, or you can order it on for $4.99.  You could even download it on an iPad or Kindle!  I think this will just be a fun way to teach the kids that reading is FUN!  HAPPY READING!!!

Coming up…

  • Thankful Thursday program at 11:20 in the classroom tomorrow.
  • Don’t forget to send in your unwrapped, new toy for the toy drive by November 27th!  Thanks for all the donations so far!
  • Send in your permission slips for our walk to the fire station to drop off toys asap.
  • No school November 21-23!


Don’t you just love technology?!?!  I have set our class up on a new website called ScootPad-

This site allows me to assign kids skill practice on things we have learned in the classroom.  We will be using it here at school during computer lab and during math workstations, but you all can also do it at home.  The kids log on using the username and password I have assigned them.  I am sending home a card with this information in their folders today.  You can keep this at home for your reference.  Your child will work at their own pace on the assignments and they can also earn rewards!  After your child earns their first 300 coins, they will earn lunch with me and then each time they earn 500 coins they will receive a homework pass for their reading response journal.  Also, in take-home folders today is a letter on how you can access ScootPad and see your child’s progress.  I have never used this program before so I am learning with you 🙂  Feel free to ask me questions or provide feedback!

By the way- this new site is easily accessible through our symbaloo site-

Toy Drive

Our November community service project is the Firefighters’ Toy Program.  Students are asked to bring a NEW toy to donate to the toy program, which will benefit local children during the month of November.  Each class will walk to the fire station on Saron Drive late in the month and students will have the opportunity to present their toys to the firefighters!  This is the third year of participation for VPE, and it is one our favorite projects!  Students may bring in their toys beginning November 1.  Toys will be kept in the classrooms until we walk to the fire station!