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Hopefully you have heard that we are doing an author study in Ms. Williams’ class.  We are reading anything and everything by Mo Willems!  Through this study, we are working on retelling stories.  Ask your child what a good retelling should include.  Here are some hints so you know what to look for 😉

Good retellings include…

1. The characters names

2. The setting of the story

3. Events from the beginning, middle, and end

4. All the most important details

Yesterday, your child should have brought home a “retelling rope” that has symbols to represent each part of a good retelling.

My idea is that you keep this retelling rope in their take-home book bag.  As they read their take-home books (at least the fiction ones), have your child use this retelling rope to retell the books they read independently.  Practicing this not only reminds them that they need to be thinking about the story as they read but also helps prepare them for the Developmental Reading Assessment, DRA.  This is an assessment that looks at word accuracy and comprehension.  REMEMBER being a good reader doesn’t just mean decoding every word… we want them to do that and actually understand what they read!  HAPPY RETELLING!!!



Over the past couple of weeks, we have focused on capitalization during writing workshop.  We have talked about using a capital at the beginning of a sentence, first letter of names, the word I, days of the week, months of the year, parts of letters, and in certain abbreviations.  As your child writes in their reading response journal each week, remind them of these rules and hold them accountable for not using capital letters all throughout their writing.

Help Wanted

Want to be a guest reader?  We have lots of openings in November.




It is always Friday afternoons at 2:05.  Let me know if you want to come read on one of these days.

There was a slight change in plans for our pumpkin carving on Tuesday.  We are now going to do the carving at 11:00.  If you would be interested in coming in and carving a pumpkin with a small group, let me know 🙂

Food Drive

We only have 2 days left and our kids our in FIRST place with 313 pounds so far!!!  Ms. Dixon is close behind us so keep sending in that food so we can earn the class pizza party!  If we have 75 pounds of food on Friday, we earn 15 minutes of extra recess!  Thanks for all you do to support our community!

Fact Families

We are continuing our work with subtraction, but we are also studying fact families.  I know some of you are thinking, “What’s a fact family?”  A fact family is a group of related facts.  For example: 3+4=7, 4+3=7, 7-3=4 and 7-4=3.  At one of our math workstations this week, your child will be using fact triangles.

These are a great tool to work on addition and subtraction facts.  Each triangle has the three numbers used in a fact family on it.  You can use these triangles to practice addition and subtraction facts.  Fact triangles are great because they reinforce the strong link between addition and subtraction.  They also help them memorize facts faster because they link four facts together.  I challenged the kids to start practicing these in the car or during T.V. commercials!

Building A Bigger World

Don’t forget about our raffle basket, “Build A Bigger World”, for Family Dinner Night.  Thanks to everyone who has already donated.  Items are due by Nov. 2!  Here are some ideas…

LEGO, Playmobile, KreO, Clay, Play-doh,

Model Kits (Cars, Trucks, Wood),Puzzles

Blocks, Lincoln Logs, Birdhouse Kits, Toolbox with kids tools, Tool Belt

Knex, Tinkertoys, Dollhouse Kit, Marble Tubes,

Racetracks, Trains, Beach toys for Sandcastle Kits

Hobby Lobby and Michael’s have lots of great building crafts, model kits, and more – you can use a 40% off coupon from Sunday’s paper or show it on your phone (available on their websites) to get a great, affordable item!

Red Ribbon Week

It is red ribbon week!  I wanted to give you a couple of reminders about the rest of the week…

  • Wednesday- WEAR RED and send in your bookmarks that you decorated if you want to be in the school competition!
  • Thursday-  WEAR CRAZY SOCKS