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October Spirit Project

God’s Pantry Food Drive starts October 1st and runs through October 26th!  All food collected will go to God’s Pantry’s emergency food box program in Fayette County.  Food can be brought in daily.


Special   Incentive Days:

Goal   per classroom 75 pounds!

Emphasis   on:

5th- baby food, formula, canned   juices

11th- soups and stews

19th-rice, flour & grains

26th- pasta, and canned tomato   products


Please follow the guidelines for food donations!

*   Only donate food items that you would eat

*   Check that items are still within their “Use by” code date

*   NO GLASS! It breaks

*   We can only accept unopened items

*   All items donated must have a label

*   We cannot accept home canned, baked or prepared items




Last week, we concluded our study of vowels.  We spent time each day focusing on a single vowel sound.  We made charts for our classroom using the pictures that you all found at home.  These are a great resource for the kids to use when they are writing or trying to decode an unknown word.  We reviewed different spelling patterns for each vowel sound.  We will continue to review these in reading groups throughout the year.  At this point, your child should be able to hear a word and tell what vowel it has in it and if it is a short or long sound.  We are really working on including vowels in all the words that we write.  Ask your child to tell you what they know about vowels!

Reading Groups and Daily 5

The time we have all been waiting for has finally arrived!  We started reading groups this week!  This time allows me to meet with small groups of students on their individual needs.  During reading groups, students read leveled texts, work on decoding unknown words, study phonics patterns, and develop comprehension strategies.  It also helps me monitor student progress and give specific feedback to students on their reading.  The kids will work with Ms. Helm and I on a rotational basis throughout the year.  I love getting to work in small groups with my kids!

You have probably heard your child talk about the “Daily 5”.  The daily 5 are literacy activities the kids choose when they are not in small group.  The “Daily 5” gives the kids an opportunity to read new texts, retell stories, hear fluent reading, write a variety of text, and practice spelling.  We have been working so hard since the first week of school to “build our stamina” and be able to work on the Daily 5 independently.

Introducing the DAILY 5…







What is symbaloo?  Well, this is a way to access website bookmarks from any computer.  I have set up a symbaloo site for our class.  This site will have links for websites we use for reading practice, math stations, research, etc.  The coolest part is that symbaloo uses symbols to represent the links so it is so easy for the kids to navigate.  Now that I have it all up and going, you all can access the site from home!  Go to  You will have to log in at the top.  You will need my email-– and the password is- vpe123.  It should look like this…

I will be adding onto the site as the year goes along!  Hope this is a helpful resource for you all to use at home!  It will even work on an iPad.  Let me know if you have any questions!

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